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Welcome To Your Whole Health

We believe relational, mental, and physical health are all equal facets of Whole Health. We believe that authentic connection between people accomplishes half the battle of Whole Health.

We believe our franchise models accomplish both goals.


We want to provide a warm and welcoming place for people to connect, communicate, congregate, and relate to one another.

Deep human connection is… the purpose and the result of a meaningful life and it will inspire the most amazing acts of love, generosity, and humanity.*

—Melinda Gates




Physical Health

Pain Management

Weight Loss

Crohn’s Disease

Mental Health



Mood Control

Whole Health





We have quality in our team
We have quality in our service
We have quality in our training
We have quality in our product

Together with our partners around the world, we are committed to growing and processing crops at the highest international level.

According to our excellent standards, the product we produce and process to many types of CBD consumer products is sold globally in many franchises and stores in Europe and the US.*

We invite you to examine the variety and quality.

We would love to hear from you.

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VMI International Corp.,is working within one of the few health care niches that experience significant growth that will utilize infused CBD delivery systems. The Company is in the progress to develop a fully integrated company that delivers retail outlets to the market to distribute numerous nutraceutical products improving life of people’s health with functional effects.

We strives to improve health and quality of life for patients through expanding the range of applications where medical agents can be delivered through and accessible at the retail outlets. On the verge of entering the exiting new medical cannabis market, we examan a lucrative sector for pharmaceuticals companies as the sector explodes in usa, and around the world based on legalization occuring rapidly worldwide.

Licenses & Formulations

VMI has acquired Phyto Brands, Inc., which has over 14 approved and tested formulations which we plan to infuse into our product lines.*


We are licensed to:
– Grow, harvest, and package cannabis
– Have our cannabis products tested by testing facilities
– Sell cannabis to retail cannabis stores, to cannabis product manufacturing facilities, and other cultivation facilities.

To obtain the best results, we follow strict standards for safety, hygiene, odor control, temperature, humidity, light, and oxygen levels.

We promise to cultivate, process, and ship the highest possible quality cannabis, hemp, and CBD.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Come to the Party While You Still Can(nabis)


Right now, we are in the middle of a fundamentally and societally transformative wave. The business opportunities once available in their various orientations even a month ago, are transforming. As world cultures change fluidly, so do business opportunities – a challenge that all aspiring entrepreneurs face. Awareness is essential to seize opportunities. The priority is organizing a strategy to identify certainties and possibilities. We live in an age that disrupts traditional business strategies in multiple industries simultaneously.


How do you choose the right party to attend? This is the challenge of “who you know.” If you identify the right party and the right people, you could be lucky, indeed. Come to the Party While You Still Can(nabis) is about increasing your awareness for the right business opportunity. The new millennium’s worldview has penetrated every market sector and constantly drives higher quality with in-tandem digital components. This churning wave of globalization has already hit us. The endless applications – lifestyle, entertainment, food, energy, home design, and technology changes how we live life.


Today’s newer generations take for granted things that older generations see as hard changes, and older generations must adapt. Come to the Party While You Still Can(nabis) attempts to curate trends in business best practices, highlight consumer psychology, provide a template for current business opportunities, and demonstrate how to leverage today‘s “gospel of culture.”


Cannabis, hemp, THC, CBD, CBG, Delta 8, and others are the soil in a field of new, explosive business growth. Come to the Party While You Still Can(nabis) articulates a vision for new businesses, unique strategies, and economic brainstorming. The forces of Cannabis are changing the way we work, play, and educate our children.


This is your wake-up call if you’re still clinging to traditional business models, or risk your industry becoming vaporized. Open your eyes to see what’s coming. Come to the Party While You Still Can(nabis) has thrown down the gauntlet. Investors, managers, entrepreneurs, novices, start-ups, seekers, dreamers, innovators – anyone wondering “what comes next,” – this book is required reading.