Industry Type       : Recreational & Social Beverage Products
Location                : Longmont, CO
Purchase Price      : 20M shares common stock, $1.5M, 5% net operating income
Acquisition Type   : Cash & Stock
Products                : Wholesale, White Label THC* & CBD/Delta 8-infused beverage manufacturing
5-Year Forecast     : $1.2 – 3M

Reef Fusion is a leader in bringing Cannabis* to restaurants, bars, dispensaries, liquor stores, and eCommerce. Reef has reinvented the drink market by offering ready-to-drink brands and offering white label branding services for retail locations everywhere, making businesses’ entries into the Cannabis drink market easier than ever.

Reef also has access to patented and patent-pending processes, containers, and ingredients. Their exclusive Nano Colloidal Dispersion technology creates water-soluble Cannabis extracts that absorb directly into your bloodstream, giving it a 90% bioavailable rate* that can be added into any drink recipe.

*only available at licensed dispensaries where permitted by state and local laws.