Anthony Moore, Chairman of the BoardAnthony Moore

Chairman of the Board & Director’ Anthony (Tony) Moore has 45+ years experience in the global financial services industry.

He’s lived and worked in 6 countries, 9cities and transacted business in 30+countries.

Notably, Tony opened and managed the Goldman Sachs Asia office based in Hong Kong. Tony was Head of Investment Banking

at Goldman Sachs Japan in Tokyo and Executive Director at Goldman Sachs in London, managing U.K. privatizations and relationships with a large number of Footsie 100 companies

After Goldman Sachs, he held a number of positions, including Member of the Board of Banker’s Trust Int’l and Chairman of Corporate Finance at BZW, a subsidiary of Barclays Bank, President & CEO of New Energy Ventures Technologies in Los Angeles. Tony still serves as Chairman and Director of the Board for a number of public and private companies in the USA, Europe and Asia/Pacific. He was Chairman of the Africa Development Fund and a Mauritius-regulated fund investing in start-ups.

His experience covers capital markets, equity fundraising ,cross-border mergers & acquisitions, project finance, real estate, precious metals, asset management, and wealth advisory.

He has special experience in guiding start up and emerging companies through to an exit, be it trade, sale, or IPO. Tony has an extensive, global senior executive level network in government, public entities, financial institutions and corporates around the world.

His other experience is too numerous to mention here.