Blair Merriam

Manager, Executive Agriculture

Blair Merriam was a self-made millionaire at 25. He started a wholesale produce distribution business with a pickup truck, which grew to 15 over-the-road semis and 20 local delivery trucks. He eventually sold the business to its employees.

He was owner and operator of a 3,000 -acre Wyoming farm that became the largest corn grower in the state.

Blair has a proven record in farm management, harvesting and rolling stock management, integrated produce operations, and ownership/management from seed to wholesale buyer.

After becoming an investor, Blair founded Platina Energy Corp, a publicly-traded startup.

Blair developed a home-building, remodeling, and property management business while working as general contractor to build numerous investment homes in Colorado.

He holds private ownership of the mineral rights for Goshen County, Wyoming farmland, a future development.

Blair is also a recognized expert for his work in international insurance claims consulting for major catastrophes.