Cheryl Fried

Vice President, Sales
Natural Life Corp.

With over four decades of administrative,
human resources, and sales experience,
Cheryl Fried is a proven quantity.

As a former Account Executive for the
Miami Herald, Ms. Fried grew her sales
territory from $25k to $800k, making her the top salesperson for five
(5) consecutive years.

More recently, in her function as Account Sales Executive at Veritas
Farms, Cheryl expanded sales opportunities in the burgeoning CBD
industry while educating consumers about the powerful benefits of
this product on health and well-being.

She brings a wealth of experience across diverse industries to her
position as VP of Sales.

From media to manufacturing, high tech to medicine, Cheryl has
worked across diverse fields, giving her a comprehensive grasp of
sales, customer service, and communications across industries.