Dallas Rogers

Vice President, Marketing
Natural Life Corp.

Dallas Rogers is a successful consultant
in the Cannabis industry as Managing
Director of Holly Bell Consulting.
With his business partner, Jeff Greene, he
co-founded Greene’s Reserve, which
manufactures Hemp Snuff.
Dallas serves as the Chief Technology
Officer for Natural Life Franchise
Corporation, a Health & Wellness retail model that is being franchised
and growing.
Prior to moving into the Cannabis industry, Mr. Rogers was a
successful broadcaster for over three decades. He is also a published
songwriter, a music producer, and has been an award winning creative
director for Clear Channel Communications, iHeartRadio and CBS.
Mr. Rogers has been the promo voice for TV and Radio stations across
the country, numerous Hollywood movie trailers, animated characters,
and commercials for companies like NASA HD TV, Sony Music,
Coca-Cola, and Pizza Hut.
He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Business from
West Virginia University.
His production and artistic portfolio can be viewed at: