Jonah Beeken

Food Mfg. Specialist & Brewmaster

Jonah Beeken studied Industrial Organizational Psychology at Humboldt State University.

Mr. Beeken has over 20 years of experience as a Master grower. growing Cannabis, Hemp, and certified organic produce.

He also has 10 years experience in the food manufacturing and production industry.

Mr. Beeken owned and operated a large scale certified organic hydroponic greenhouse facility where his team grew and packaged certified produce for 56 Kroger Stores. He maintained a full USDA organic certification status and an FDA food safety certification as
well as state food safety regulations.

Beeken’s experience translated perfectly into the role of Brewmaster for Reef Fusion / Le Canna Royale. As the organization’s Brewmaster, Beeken threads the needle between innovation, efficiency, and profitability in food and drink manufacturing.