Marc Sandin

National Director of Brand Marketing

Marc Sandin is a 15-year marketing veteran with a strong intuition for branding and design. He has been a copywriter for over 20 years,
ghostwriting, editing, and directing content for print, web, social media, and corporate messaging.

Marc has marketing, branding, and messaging experience across a wide range of fields including legal, medical, SaaS, technical, training, entertainment, food service, and corporate development.

His brand design for Virtual Medical International, Inc. has already placed VMI’s brand messaging and corporate identity ahead of the
competition, and made them a recognizable and trusted brand in this unique new vertical. As VMI grows, Marc is excited to help VMI
create a unique, fresh, and memorable brand experience for investors and customers across the country.

As a father of five in his family of seven, Marc trusts VMI’s vision of creating the Whole Health mentality, and is glad to be a part of
creating a culture change for his family and children.