Robert Morrissey

CEO, Reef Drink Co. | Le Canna Royal

Robert Morrissey, founder of Reef Fusion & Le Canna Royal is, in short, a Renaissance Man.

Mr. Morrissey is the man behind the curtain of multiple Cannabis brands and several uniquely innovative concepts for Cannabis drinks.

Morrissey’s ability to maintain steady, consistent, and creative new developments, including their manufacturing and marketing, has led to the proliferation of new and exciting Cannabis products and brands and their entrance into new markets more efficiently than any competitors.

Robert Morrissey diverse background also includes his experience as one of the country’s top creative photography & video production talents. His sponsorships include Chimera, Olympus, JVC and DynaLite. He’s the recipient of numerous awards from Canon, Kodak and is a Phase One featured photographer, and he’s written and published 3 books internationally on photography lighting.

Morrissey holds a degree in photography and design from the Kansas City Art Institute and has compiled over 30 years experience in the field.

He is a master at brand development, creating forward thinking advertising campaigns, and fuse together the marketing disciplines necessary to create world-class advertising campaigns.