Market Vertical
Straightforward health and nutrition store that offers CBD,
Kava Kava, and Kratom.

Atmosphere & Emotional Appeal
More inviting environment for customers, more education-
al customer service.

12 Locations and growing.

Strategy / Plan / Products
Duplicate their format and establish a chain of retail stores that specialize in CBD and other holistic products
such as Kava Kava, Turmeric, Akuamma, Ginseng and Ashwagandha

Natural Life’s rapid growth is represented by 300+ products and
20+ brands sold via brick-and-mortar locations and its website.

This means similar models have the possibility to co-exist within
other big chain retailers.

VMI will acquire three other franchise models that will be sub-branded under the Natural Life banner, resulting in a com-bined 200 outlet stores in Europe and internationally.

Compliance and Testing
Quality and safety are foremost considerations, and VMI will ensure these brands’ compliance with all current and upcoming
regulations. They do their own third-party lab testing (regardless of the manufacturer’s own test results). Natural Life’s quality and
safety have been vetted by Publix Supermarkets, Winn Dixie, and Kroger and have been approved for co-locations within these large chains.